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B.Sc. with Botany as one of the main subjects from recognized University.

Programme Outcome

PO-1 Understanding the nature and basic concepts of Life Science.
PO-2 Enhancing problem solving skills in students to take out inventive research projects, thus enkindling in them the strength of information creation.
PO-3 Demonstrating an ability to design plant tissue culture techniques as per industrial requirements and an ability to apply molecular Biotechnology for improvement of crops 
PO-4 Understanding health and environmental protection and to solve the pollution problems and also addressing issues of  environmental contexts and sustainable development.
PO-5 Facilitating students to take-up successful career in Botany.Inculcate strong fundamentals on modern and classical aspects of Botany.
PO-6 Achieving knowledge of pure and applied botany in pursuit of many applied sciences like Agriculture, Plant breeding, Forestry, Pharmacology and Medicine.
PO-7 Understanding the experiments in botany to use newer technologies  related to Life Science.
PO-8 Successfully disseminating scientific knowledge both orally and in writing and also being able to apply Research Methodology to manage projects in multidisciplinary subjects.
PO-9 Explainung the importance of plants, their diversity and motivation to distribute the idea of biodiversity conservation.
PO-10 Demonstrating an ability to develop biochemical analysis skills for identify physiological changes, stress resistance in   plants. 
PO-11 Honing an ability to understand the biological problem at hand and device appropriate computational/bioinformatic strategies to solve it and interpret the results.
PO-12 Obtaining a strong foundation in classical botany, interdisciplinary subjects such as Agriculture Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, ecology; and advance topics in Plant Biotechnology, Cell and Molecular biology, Biochemistry and Bioinstrumentation. 

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Name of PEO Description
PEO-1 Knowledge  To be inspired to develop a keen interest to understand the beauty of different life forms and gain a deep knowledge in the field of Botany and alllied discipline for Research and Development.
PEO-2 Effective Communication:Skill To transfer scientific knowledge successfully, both orally as well as writing and expected to learn leadership, communication & teamwork skills in order to function effectively in their profession
PEO-3 Research attittude  To carry out individual short term project work to acquire knowledge on research using basic and advanced instruments/equipments. 
PEO-4 Ethics and  Biosafety regulation  To convey and practice social, environmental and biological ethics and be able to follow strict guidelines of biosafety in their profession.