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B.Sc. with Chemistry as one of the main subjects from recognized University.

Programme Outcome

Name of PO Description
PO-1 The student can get employment opportunities in various industries and branches petrochemicals, metallurgical and pharmaceutical.main areas of chemistry: organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical.
PO-2 The students have also shown good progress in development of new methods for synthesizing and use of chemicals.
PO-3 Good employability in teaching and research fields,  In research field our students are doing very good in the field of green methods of synthesis,
synthesis of heterocycles and natural products.
PO-4 Students should be able to perform and understand chemical research.
PO-5 Have firm foundations in the fundamentals and application of current chemical and scientific theories.
PO-6 Students should be able to describe, both in writing and orally, chemical processes and procedures.
PO-7 An ability to design and develop new molecules desired properties by chareterisation.
PO-8 An understanding of  social responsibilities
PO-9 Ability to use techniques, Modern Library use to searching and retrieval methods to obtain information about a topic, chemical, chemical technique, or an issue relating to chemistry.
PO-10 Enrich knowledge through programmes such as industrial visits and projects.
PO-11 Adapt to sustain in emerging era to disseminate knowledge of qualitative & quantitative analysis of organic compounds.
PO-12 Develop the working knowledge of chemical instrumentation and laboratory techniques andtotrain students in skills related to Chemistry for academic and industrial requirement.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Name of PEO Description
PEO-1 Knowledge Program graduates will acquire technical knowledge, understanding  of  theories,  concepts  and  models  to  enhance  their  success  as scientists and  educators.
PEO-2 Expertise  in  a  specific  discipline Acquire skills and knowledge in the field of different brance of chemistry.
PEO-3 Skill Develop in their professional career, acquire teaching  skills  and students are trained in such a way that they can gain good knowledge of theoretical and practical skill of organic chemistry experimentation
PEO-4 Teamwork and  interdisciplinary  collaboration Provide students with opportunities to participate in collaborative teams and develop students’ written and oral communication skills to a wide range of audiences.