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Ganpat University is a place where ideas, passions, and questions can be fully explored. With an overwhelming number of campus clubs and student organizations, you’ll find something for every interest and passion. There’s so much to do, countless opportunities to connect, nourish talents, and serve others. A current student put it best: GNU is for students who were over-committed in high school.”

Though having located in a rural area; in a North Gujarat region, approximately 70 Kms from Ahmedabad; University has set up the exemplary example of “Uplifting the Society through Education” by developing world class social infrastructure with global vision.


Weather Ganpat University main campus is a part of North Gujarat region. This region has a temperate climate with diverse conditions and four distinct seasons. With mild winter, moderate monsoon and her summer, this region makes it comfortable mostly in all seasons.


  • December-February
  • Mainly mild and pleasant
  • 10 °C - 29 °C

Summer or Pre-monsoon

  • April-June
  • Considerably hot
  • 30 °C - 42 °C

Monsoon or Rainy

  • July-September
  • Moderately humid
  • 25 °C - 36 °C

Post-Monsoon or Autumn

  • October-November
  • Mainly pleasant
  • 20 °C - 36 °C