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GNU SciTech Fest-2018

Faculty of Science
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Start Date
28/02/2018 10:00 AM
End Date
28/02/2018 04:00 PM
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The 28th February is celebrated as a National Science Day in India every year. It is being celebrated in honor of our Indian scientist and Nobel prize winner Sir C.V. Raman who invented Raman Effect. The aim to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm is to impart scientific temper in the minds of people of all age groups. The Department of Science & Technology (DST) has been selecting themes for observing National Science Day every year. Accordingly, Ministry of Science & Technology through website notification conveyed that the theme selected for the National Science Day,  2018  is “SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR


The GUJCOST as well as DST also celebrates this day every year by conducting different events. The motto behind celebration of

this day is popularization of science and technology among people of


Sir C. V. Raman


our country. It helps to strengthen the scientific temper.


(7 November 1888 to 21 November 1970)


We, at Ganpat University are located in a rural area. The majority class of students learning in our institute is from the surrounding districts of North Gujarat. Hence, we have more number of students belonging to the interior part of the rural Gujarat. These students and their families may be influenced by the so called saints or magicians. It is highly desirable that such students and their families should be educated/aware about science and technology. So that no one can influence them by wrong practices. In


order to justify the motto of our government we do celebrate this day every year at Ganpat University, since 2013.

This year, at Ganpat University, we have celebrated this day at Gujarat state level. We had planned one day celebration with several activities throughout the day. The entire celebration was divided in to two sessions: (1) Morning session – before lunch hours and (2) Evening session after lunch hours.

The morning session was dedicated to the creativity of students (i.e. students were sharing their knowledge through own creativity). The evening session was focused on appreciation of students (i.e. price distribution) and expert talks by two eminent speakers; (1) Prof. (Dr.) K. N. Joshipura (Former Professor, ex-Head Physics department S. P. Uni., Vice President (W. zone) Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Vice President, Gujarat Science Academy) and (2) Dr. Vishal Joshi (Scientist, Physical Research Laboratory). (i.e. during this session students were improving their knowledge through interactions with speakers).