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Two Days webinar on "Astrophysics & Space Science"

Faculty of Science
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Start Date
05/06/2021 10:00 AM
End Date
06/06/2021 12:00 PM
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Astrophysics and Space Science have been fields of great interest to us since time immemorial. The vastness and diversity of the fields of Astrophysics and Space Science is immense, and the wide range of practical applications that these fields offer have benefited the human race and planet Earth for several decades now, not only by improving our day-to-day lives and keeping us safe (through applications in communications and weather forecasting), but has also helped us in our efforts to understand the some of the biggest mysteries of our universe, like the origins of life and universe itself.

In the above context, two-day interactive webinar on "Astrophysics & Space Science" was successfully organized by the Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences, Ganpat University, in association with Indian Association of Physics Teacher (IAPT), an organization of Physics teachers and researchers volunteering for dissemination of scientific knowledge and improvement of Physics education on 5-6 June 2021 through virtual mode i.e. Zoom. First we welcomed our esteemed speakers from the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and from the Space Applications Centre (SAC) at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Through this webinar, we jointly commemorate the "International Astronomy Day'', which is observed on 15th May 2021 every year, by catering some fundamental and advanced information about Astrophysics and Space Science to the inquisitive students and other interested minds of the scientific community. At the same time, we provided some interesting information on the current trends in these fields, as well as the professional opportunities in these fields for young and enthusiastic minds. Total 722 participants have participated in the event.