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Quality Research at Higher Education Institutions: Initiative and Promotion

Faculty of Science
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Start Date
28/01/2021 10:45 AM
End Date
28/12/2022 12:00 PM
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The Department of Chemistry, Mehsana Urban Institute of Sciences, Ganpat University organized a “International Webinar on Artificial intelligence driven Bioinformatics: Precision medicine, Clinical diagnosis and prognosis” on 27th Jan 2021. Conveners of this event are Dr. Amit Parikh (Principal), and Dr. Keyur D. Bhatt (Head, Chemistry) welcome the expert. The program of action includes one hour expert talk by Prof. (Dr.) Surinder Kumar Mehta, FRSC Professor, Department of Chemistry CAS & CRIKC Coordinator, Ex-Honorary Director, SAIF, Panjab University, Chandigarh. The talk was The webinar will focus on In India, where resources are scarce, ensuring quality in higher education should be a key priority for the success of socio- political life of the nation. The concern for quality has to be achieved keeping in mind the issues of relevance, costs, equity and international standards. Higher education is the source or feeder system in all walks of life and therefore supplies the much-needed human resources in management, planning, design, teaching and research. Scientific and technological advancement and economic growth of a country are as dependent on the higher education system. Development of indigenous technology and capabilities in agriculture, food security and other industrial areas can be possible only with the help of world class higher education. The world is advancing at a fast pace because of everyday challenges and there is an urgent need to rejuvenate the education sector to help adapt to global educational challenges. The Indian higher education system is in a constant state of alteration and fluctuation due to the increasing needs of expanding access to higher education, impact of technology on the delivery of education, increasing private participation and the impact of globalization. Auxiliary to it the degree of use of hi-tech innovations in educational transactions, both academic and administrative, indicates that our system of education is still scratchy with new technology. At a time when our educational institutions are expected to do more with less input, they should make proper use of readily available technological innovations. Taking cognizance of these developments and the role of higher education in society, it is important to examine the issues related to quality of higher education.