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GUNI Sci Tech Fest 2020

Faculty of Science
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Start Date
28/02/2020 10:00 AM
End Date
28/02/2020 04:00 PM
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The 28th February is celebrated as a National Science Day in India every year. It is being celebrated in honor of our Indian scientist Sir C.V. Raman who invented Raman Effect. The discovery by C.V. Raman brought him the Nobel Prize in 1930, the first time for an Indian. Also, the Raman Effect was honored with the rank of being a National Historic Chemical Landmark by the American Chemical Society on 15 December 1998. It got designated as an International Historic Chemical Landmark in the year 2013 on the National Science Day. The entire nation celebrates the National Science Day as a science festival by organizing science exhibitions, workshops, seminars, symposiums, and many more activities. The aim to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm is to impart scientific temper in the minds of people of all age groups. Events are organized in educational institutes as well as research centers involving experts, learners, and scientists.