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Faculty of Science
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Start Date
18/12/2019 10:00 AM
End Date
28/12/2019 04:00 PM
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The Second year of N-BT-CBC of GSBTM Crash workshop was successfully conducted between 18th to 28th  December, 2019, after the success of first year of Crash Workshop (Phase 1) 17th to 22th December, 2018 and (Phase 2) 21th to 25th Jan 2019).

The coordinator of the Crash Workshop Dr. Kavit S. Mehta along with entire team of MUIS,GSBTM and Ganpat University have taken every possible steps to provide competitive learning atmosphere to participant during the entire crash course tenure.

In this crash workshop several eminent Resource Persons deliver session with provide competitive learning skills to participants. This 10-day BTCBC Crash- workshop has witnessed the energy and enthusiasm of budding students who wish to do something meaningful with their lives by standing out in exams taken at some of the top-notch institutions of India.

The crash course begins with welcome all the guests, speakers and participants and in brief tell about need of this crash course. In the inauguration function, First and foremost, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to our Patron and President Shri Ganpatbhai I.Patel shared very interesting thoughts on importance of taking higher education in career development.

Special thanks to Guest of honour Dr.Hem. C. Jha from IIT Indore  for gracing this inaugural ceremony with his benign presence despite his real busy schedule to inspire and appreciate our efforts.


Dr. R.K.Patel Sir, Hon. Pro- Vice Chancellor, Ganpat University and Executive Dean Faculty of Science, has been a fount of inspiration in all our endeavors. Our Principal and Dean Faculty of Science, Dr. Amit Parikh, has been motivating us day and night to shape this into reality.

On the proud premises of its nodal center, Ganpat University, we had a total of 90 participants, who were carefully selected via a primary screening from entire north Gujarat region. These students then had the pleasure of attending thought-provoking sessions from some 52 renowned experts. Their comprehension was routinely assessed through total of 27 mock tests. The students were indeed fortunate to have Dr.Hem. C. Jha from IIT Indore as one of the experts. Students share their experiences after participating in this crash course. Mock test conducted at the end of every day during the crash course workshop and last day of workshop conducted final mock test for evaluating learning of participants. Based on 60:40 weightage of mock test screened top 5 scholastic performer of crash workshop and appreciated with certificate and momento.

Our Journey of learning practice not end with validatory of workshop but participants learning continue through e-learning platform create by team of CBC what app group of BT CBC participants and in-house facultywhom provide guidance entire semester till completion of competitive examination.